Buying a Bicycle Maintenance Stand for the First Time

Are you on a hunt for an awesome bicycle maintenance stand? You are probably after a stand that will do an outstanding job and still prove an amazing value for money, correct? Turning your bike upside during repair is a rather poor and outdated option both for your bike and for your back. Therefore, investing in a good, sturdy bike maintenance stand will set the framework for your bike repair.

Benefits of having a bicycle repair stand

A bicycle maintenance stand is very useful for the following reasons:

It keeps your bicycle in a stable, stiff state while you are working on it
Most stands have adjustable heights, meaning you can work on your bike at any height you feel comfortable with
The stand allows you to work on your bicycle without putting pressure on any of your bicycle’s components
There are useful tips that are worth noting if you wish to get into doing your own bike maintenance and looking forward to investing in your own descent repair stand. So, to help you out when choosing the kind of stand to buy, below are a few factors that you’ll need to consider. Read on!

Does the stand have a good name and reputation? Do not rush into buying a stand that you have no prior details about, especially on its durability and efficiency. Before you proceed to the store to purchase one, it is advisable to check out at online stores like Amazon for some reviews and feedback from customers who’ve got the opportunity to use that particular model.
Does the stand have a warranty? Ensure that you double check the brand of stand you are buying and ensure that it has a good warranty just in any case a problem arises soon after purchase, though a good number of bike stands and leading brands do have a great warranty for their products. However, be more careful if you are buying a lesser known brand/model.
Does the bicycle stand have a perfect locking mechanism? The locking mechanism should be good enough so that you don’t struggle to place your bike on the stand.
Does the stand have tough jaws? A good stand should have jaws which are soft so as not to dig deep to your bicycle and cause some damage to it, but firm enough to hold your bike firmly in place as you work on it.
Is the stand strong enough to withstand the weight of your bike? Depending on the kind of bike you’ve got, it’s worth buying a stand that will not crumble to its weight. A heavy and cumbersome bike will require a very strong stand.
So now that you have known what to seek out for when purchasing your maintenance stand, it is also necessary that you also ensure that the stand is well kept or maintained. Irrespective of the kind of model you have purchased, regular lubrication of the L-Bolt and Threaded Rods, cleaning of the Roller, and tightening of the frame bolts are necessary. The stand should also be stored when not in use.

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