Does Bike Clinique Sell Bikes?

No, not at present. Although it’s something we may investigate later. At present we are a mobile bike shop and bicycle repair shop only.

Do you provide group packages?

We do indeed! If you and your cycling team need to get simultaneous repairs, then we can offer great value. Contact us today for more details.

Are all bikes offered tested beforehand?

Yes, they are – we make sure all bikes are tested by our expert mechanical team to ensure they are fit for purpose. You are more than free to test out the bike before we leave so you can be sure you are satisfied.

Are all bikes insured?

Yes, we make sure that full insurance is provided to give you total peace of mind when you are out using your bike – you are protected with our full insurance.

How long does a typical bike service take?

This obviously varies greatly depending on volume and what has to be done, but the servicing can take around 30-240 minutes. We can try and advise more specific times for your own model beforehand to ensure safe timekeeping throughout the process.

Where are services carried out?

Our bike repair services London are performed at your location. We take all work into our mobile store to ensure privacy and cover. This allows us to work on the service in your full view.

I am unsure about part of the service – can I ask the service member?

Yes, please do! We encourage all customers to ask service teams for information and details regarding the way it works in general. This also allows for simpler and much steadier service management for yourself later on. We’re more than happy to pass on tips and advice to help you manage your bike better in the future.

Do you provide a 100% guarantee?

Yes, if you are anything less than 100% satisfied with the finished result then we will happily come back and service your bike free of charge. Our goal is to make sure that we can be trusted by all clients, yourself included.

Do you provide cosmetic bike care?

Not at present, no, however, this might change in the future. Be sure to check on the official site for further details.

Are parts included in the overall cost?

The part costs are determined by the bike style and what is needed – we cannot provide this in the Labour cost as parts are determinant on every job. We stock each part in large quantities, so should be able to address whatever the problem may be with your bike.


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