Mobile Bicycle Servicing

Mobile Bicycle Servicing


Are you looking for the most reliable and convenient bicycle servicing in London? Then you are in the right place. At Bike Clinique, we take extreme care and pride in making sure that we deliver the kind of solutions that our clients need. Our mobile bicycle servicing is available in London and Surrey, from Sutton and Kingston to Croydon and Leatherhead. This makes it easier than ever before for our local clients to get access to reliable bicycle servicing that is fast and reliable when needed.

Many people can struggle to find a quality bicycle servicing and repair shop with a competent mechanic, so our range of mobile bicycle repair services can be just what you need to get the fast, active and solutions you need. If you are sick of wondering “What’s the nearest bike shop near my location and how to get your bicycle there for servicing?” then you don’t have to our professional mobile bike servicing comes to you. Bike Clinique, is your remote bicycle shop in London. If you buy your bike online and book a boxed bike build with us, we will come to you and build your bike to the highest safety standards like any other qualified bike shop mechanic but faster, more convenient and you save money too.

You can turn to our professional mobile bicycle servicing for any cycle servicing solutions that makes plenty of sense.

Services Covered

At Bike Clinique, you can get access to quality bicycle servicing for any particular occasion. Here are some of the most typical services that our mobile bicycle repair services will cover:

  • Road Cycling/Triathlon Cycling. Need something strong and sturdy that can take the brunt of the road over an extended distance? Then we can help you out. Our mobile bicycle services will ensure you are left with the perfectly serviced bike for the tasks involved.
  • Corporate Cycling.We take on lots of corporate clients looking to put on good weekends and team bonding sessions to keep morale high. We provide servicing needs for all your equipment, we are the best and most convenient mobile bicycle repair service for your bicycle servicing and repair need in London.
  • Fitness Cycling. Putting together a little fitness club and have all your quality equipment and bikes are safe? Then we can help make sure that you can participate without any problems or fears.
  • Event Cycling. Taking part in an event? Then let us know what’s needed for supply! We will supply the bike shop, qualified mechanic, and all your servicing needs.
  • Mountain Cycling. Got a busy weekend ahead of you? Want to have the very best cycling equipment to help make your movement upwards easier than ever? Then our mobile bicycle repair services are just what you are looking for.
  • Individual Cycling. Got a particular need that isn’t on the list? Then contact us today and we’ll do everything that we can to work to that standard.  Our repair solutions will make it easier than ever for this to work out just right – no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll try and accommodate accordingly.
  • Recreational cyclists. Family cycle ride on the weekend, our Cytech certified mechanic will come to you. Our basic service is recommended to get all your gear and brake servicing repairs, puncture repair, tyre and full bike inspection done. Simply book us online with our easy to use booking system or call us. No job is too small or big to undertake. We got you covered from tyre puncture, brake and gear servicing to the full bicycle strip and rebuilt for excellent performance.